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Ravenna Elementary welcomes Treasure Bay's We Both Read books to help support family engagement and our Title 1 program.  We Both Read books offer an easy and enjoyable way to encourage and help children to read at home! These books feature a unique shared-reading format designed to invite parents and children to take turns reading aloud. Parents read the left-hand pages, and children read the right-hand pages, which have text written at one of six early reading levels.  There's a Parent's Introduction inside each book cover with helpful tips too. Developed with reading education specialists, this delightful series brings parents and children together for a wonderful new reading experience!  Please encourage your child to check out a book from the elementary library.  For additional information about We Both Read books, please check out the links below. 

Title I

Notification of Teacher Qualifications & Assessment Participation

The Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 gives parents/guardians the right to get information about professional qualifications of their child’s classroom teachers.  Upon request, the superintendent will give parents/guardians the following information about their child’s teacher:

Parents may also request from the superintendent information regarding any state or district policy regarding student participation in any assessments administered by the district.  


Nebraska Education Profile (school data)


The NEP (Nebraska Education Profile) is the initial transformation of data from the State of the Schools Report and is intended to help inform the public and school officials about school district performance. The NEP is also intended to inform parents, community leaders, and policymakers about our education system and to provide data needed for sound decision making by education leaders. The NEP will continue to grow and change as data is added to the system.  As always your local school staff will be able to explain the data particular to your school and district.

Title I Schoolwide Plan Coverage Page

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Title I Schoolwide Plan

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Parent-School Learning Contract

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Ravenna Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Ravenna Elementary Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy (updated 3/21/23)

5014 Homeless Students

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