In this brief survey, the school is asking for parents’ interest in participating in a free meals program for students, the level of internet accessibility in their student’s household, and any other student needs. We ask that parents of students, please fill out only one survey per household, as quickly as possible, as this will help us understand students’ needs during a closure and help us better serve our students during the closure.

The Ravenna Public School District is always looking for ways to improve. To help us do so, we ask that all parents, students, and staff take the appropriate survey(s) listed below to provide feedback. Thanks!


Please note, if you have children in more than one age group, please take each survey that applies as questions differ. However, if you have more than one child in a single age group, please only take that corresponding survey once. Thanks!



If you have children attending Ravenna Public Schools, please take the corresponding parent survey(s) as well. Thanks!