Public Service Announcements

Please update the school if you have a new address, phone number, or email address. It's important we have accurate information for future communication with our students and parents.

Free School Meals-PSA.pdf

Influenza Vaccine

Ravenna Flyer.pdf
TRPHD Immunization School Consent form 7-9-2020.docx

Covid-19 Reminders

Quarantine If You Might Be Sick - Stay Home If You Might Have Been Exposed.pdf
Protect Yourself.pdf
10 Things to Manage COVID at Home.pdf
Ravenna Public Schools Continuity of Learning Plan- General Education.pdf
Ravenna Public Schools Continuity Of Learning Plan-Special Education.pdf

5057 Parental Involvement In The Title I Program

5057 Parental Involvement In the Title I Program.docx

School Wellness Policy

School Wellness Policy Review.pdf

See the Two Rivers Public Health site for the latest Covid-19 information.